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Winter is Coming – Top Electrical Jobs This Season

outside winter scene with fairy lights and light coming from a nearby window

The sun may still be shining outside but it is now officially autumn and we all know what comes after that – winter! The days are already getting shorter and the light is starting to fade, so here at Definitive Electrical, we thought we would take a look at the top three electrical jobs you might want to think about getting booked in for before the cold weather really starts to hit.



According to the oxford dictionary the definition of an electrician is “a person whose job is to connect, repair, etc. electrical equipment”

Sounds pretty straightforward right?

Some would be fooled into thinking that it's an easy job, and that anybody can turn their hand to some electrical maintenance and whilst some minor electrical repairs are not illegal, they are not recommended either.  

Working From Home: How to Make Your Outbuilding a Safe, Efficient Workspace

Working From Home: How to Make Your Outbuilding a Safe, Efficient Workspace

About that outbuilding you’ve thought about renovating, or that cabin kit you’ve had your eye on - Homeworking is here to stay, it seems.  The recent lockdowns we’ve had to adapt to have not been in vain though: They’ve taught us to reevaluate our processes; to appreciate our time more; and that we don’t need to clock into a distant building every single day of the week.

Garden and Outdoor Lighting

Garden and Outdoor Lighting Electrician in Nottingham and Derby

Over the last few years, the amount of people installing outdoor or garden lighting in Nottingham and Derby has dramatically increased.

One of the main reasons is people wanting to improve the look and feel of their outdoor space – lighting can have a huge impact on how your garden looks.  It can ensure your outdoor living space can be used long after dark and essentially give you extra space to enjoy or entertain in.