Adding solar battery storage to your East Midlands home will help you to make the most of your solar PV panel installation. Solar Battery storage systems allow you to capture the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day, ready for use later in the evening. For most East Midlands households, where their energy usage is higher once the sun has gone down, this can make for some serious savings on their energy bills.

Solar Battery Storage Options

There are many different solar battery options on the market. To determine which solar battery storage system is best suited to your needs, our experienced solar electricians will consider a number of factors. After speaking to you and finding out more about your wants and needs, they will compare storage capacity, battery lifecycle and additional technology before making their recommendations. This will ensure your solar battery system is the perfect fit for your family. 

Can Solar Battery Storage be Added to my Existing Solar Panel System?

Many East Midlands homeowners with an existing solar PV system will ask our solar electricians this question and the answer is almost always yes! As experienced solar electricians it is usually a simple task for us upgrade your existing system to allow for solar battery storage. Occasionally, your solar panel system will require a new inverter be installed to allow for the addition of solar batteries but the majority of systems will already be compatible. Our experienced electricians at Definitive Electrical Solutions will be happy to advise you on the suitability of your current system and talk you through the process. 

Solar Battery Benefits

The addition of solar battery storage to your East Midlands home has a host of benefits. For many people, the major benefit is the reduction in both their energy bills and their reliance on their energy provider. With energy prices at an all time high and the threat of energy insecurity, adding battery storage has never made more sense. The other obvious benefit is that solar energy is by its very nature a clean, green option for energy. Solar batteries allow you to use all of the clean energy your solar PV system generates and thereby reduces your households dependence on fossil fuel generated power. A win for you and for the environment. 

Definitive Electrical Solutions are experienced solar PV Installation electricians serving Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield. Our qualified solar power electricians are on hand to provide you with invaluable advice and to help you select the right solar battery storage system for your home. If you have any questions regarding solar battery storage systems, or solar panel systems in general, contact our friendly team today.