Control Your Household Energy in 2023: Solar PV and Heat Pumps

With the yule season upon us, with the close of 2022 comes increased financial pressure. Consumer costs, including energy overheads, are on the rise. However, so too are Solar PV technology advancements and efficiency. So as we enter into 2023, the possibility of harnessing solar energy and asserting your household’s independence from the national grid has never been so attainable! 

Solar Photovoltaic technology, otherwise shortened to Solar PV, might be a mature technology in many respects. However, putting greater efficiency together with advancements in storage solutions, and the prospect of harvesting and storing adequate energy to power your home is now a reality. So whilst the world continues to rotate, whilst energy costs spiral and whilst our homes seem to be increasingly at the mercy of conflicts, global politics, energy industry competition and more, there’s now a chance to provide some stability in an otherwise unstable world. With little hope of any ease in energy costs, why not allow Definitive Electrical Solutions Ltd to tell you a little about the latest Solar PV solutions? When used in conjunction with air-source heat pumps, Solar PV can provide you with all the energy you need for a warm and cosy winter. Factor in the government’s current grant funding of up to £5,000 and you could enjoy some fantastic savings compared to national grid energy!

Definitive Electrical Solutions has been providing households across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and the wider East Midlands region with Solar PV solutions for some years. With government grants to install Solar Panels available, including VAT reduction schemes, rising energy costs mean that now’s the time to explore your Solar PV options.

Use your solar power to power an air-source heat pump and you will enjoy further energy savings. Air-source heat pumps absorb the heat from outside a home’s structure and channel it inside the property. It’s a similar process to that of an air conditioning unit, only in reverse. Requiring minimal power, once you harvest your own electricity from your Solar PV installation, just watch your overall ongoing energy costs drop!

Definitive Electrical has experience installing, servicing and maintaining all types and brands of air-source heat pumps, as well as Solar PV systems. We’re an NICEIC-approved contractor and a member of the government’s TrustMark standards scheme. In addition, all Definitive Engineers receive ongoing training and are customer-focused from your quote, through to the completion of all projects.

So watch the news in greater comfort in 2023. Not only from a warmer, cosier house but safer in the knowledge that your household energy is secure, stable and not at the mercy of events or decisions made elsewhere in the world! If you live within easy reach of Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Burton-upon-Trent or the wider East Midland area, then there’s a Definitive Engineer close by to provide you with all of the Solar and renewable options available to you. Click here now!