Calling for an EV Charger Quote?

picture of an electric vehicle charging

We have had an increasing number of enquiries regarding installing chargers for electrical vehicles in recent weeks, reflecting the growing popularity of electric vehicles as well as, perhaps, the ongoing uncertainty surrounding petrol prices and availability. Our engineers at Definitive Electrical have installed many EV chargers across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and we would love to help you to get your EV charger up and running. So here are the best ways you can help us to help you…

Electrician near me

Electrician near me

Knowing what's going on with your home electrics can be a tricky yet essential task for homeowners. It's absolutely vital that you have a qualified, registered local electrician that you know you can completely trust. You will likely find your first port of call is a quick online search of “electrician near me” and if you are searching for electrician in or around Arnold you may well have found our website. 

So, a little about me...

What are the basics of home security systems?

image of a smart phone screen

In previous weeks, we have been looking at home security cameras and weighing up the pros and cons of wired or wireless cameras. But, here at Definitive Electrical, we know that a good home security system will consist of more than just cameras. Having installed security systems across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, we have gained extensive experience in providing a good range of security systems, from the most basic systems to complex installations.

Wired Vs Wireless Home Security Cameras

image of a security camera with the text wired or wireless and the Definitive Electrical logo

As a part of our in-depth exploration of home and business security options, we’re going to take a closer look at security cameras – in particular, the pros and cons of wired versus wireless cameras. Here at Definitive Electrical, we are receiving increasing requests for security cameras from our customers from across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. With the growing popularity of Ring and other smart doorbells and home devices, wireless home security devices are a hot topic. So how do you know whether a wireless device is going to be suitable for your needs?

Your Home Security Camera Questions Answered

picture of a security camera on a wall with Definitive Electrical logo in the corner

How to keep your home safe is a subject on many people’s minds across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, especially as they head back to their workplaces after months of working from home. Over the next few weeks, Definitive Electrical is going to dive deep into the subject of keeping your homes, gardens and outbuildings safe from intruders with a series of blog posts looking at all aspects of home security.

What is a domestic electrician?

Domestic electrician in Nottingham and Derby

As the name suggests a domestic electrician is an electrician who specialises in electrical wiring and connections in a residential setting. This covers an incredibly broad range of electrical requirements so anything from a full house rewire, new socket or even outdoor electrics will require the assistance of a domestic electrician.

A Guide to EICRs for Landlords

picture of a smoking lightbulb with the text "landlords - are your electrics compliant?"

Here at Definitive Electrical we have noticed an increase in calls from landlords, unsure of how regularly they need to obtain safety certificates (or EICRs) for their rented properties. Because we have a commitment to providing accurate and easy-to-understand information to our customers, covering all aspects of electrical installations and safety, we decided it was time to provide a quick guide to the regulations surrounding electrical installations for landlords.  

Winter is Coming – Top Electrical Jobs This Season

outside winter scene with fairy lights and light coming from a nearby window

The sun may still be shining outside but it is now officially autumn and we all know what comes after that – winter! The days are already getting shorter and the light is starting to fade, so here at Definitive Electrical, we thought we would take a look at the top three electrical jobs you might want to think about getting booked in for before the cold weather really starts to hit.