Marie’s foundation is in Sociology, which she studied at the University of Leeds. Her foray into the world of electricity began at East Midlands Electricity, moving on to the ESOS National Grid. She then pivoted into IT services, before devoting herself to mothering two children. Returning to work, she focussed on copywriting and communications, before taking her esteemed role at Definitive in September 2021

Special Moves

Marie is the brains and energy behind the Definitive Electrical office, marketing and is responsible for maintaining this well-oiled machine.

At Ohm

When away from the Definitive office, Marie spends a lot of time reading and writing, both fiction and non-fiction. She loves walking and enjoying nature, art, dancing, and cooking, and relishes spending time with her husband Ed and two children.

Watts to Drink?

Coffee. Real, with milk, lots of it, with a strict cut-off at midday. She enjoys quality sleep.

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