Jack is an electrical apprentice at Definitive Electrical with a passion for getting stuck in and getting his hands dirty. Jack joined the company with previous experience working with a family friend on some property developments and restorations.

Special Moves

He is known for his drive to get stuck in to every task, wanting to help the senior electricians as much as possible. Jack is developing his skills in diagnosing and fixing issues quickly and efficiently. Jack's mechanical aptitude and growing understanding of electrical systems make him a valuable member of the team.

At Ohm

When not on Definitive time, Jack has an interest in repairing and maintaining power tools and 2-stroke engines so has this as a way to keep busy and helping friends and family to keep their equipment up to scratch.

Watts to Drink?

Mostly soft drinks and the odd Red Bull. Jack loves fizzy sweets too but don't tell his dentist.

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