Solar Energy: Your Home, Your Power

2022 has seen a lot of household overheads skyrocket, and perhaps energy is the one cost that continues to fluctuate erratically. With the UK’s departure from the EU, the conflict in Europe, along with an unstable energy market, there lies a great deal of fuel for debate. However, something that is moving firmly in favour of the consumer is developments in solar energy harvesting and storage. With solar panels becoming more efficient over recent years, the enduring obstacle to households moving “off-grid”, being storage limitations, has now been overcome. Battery storage technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and we’re now at the point where East Midlands households can maximise the solar energy generated during the day, storing large volumes of electricity, ready for when it’s needed most.

Definitive Electrical Solutions has been on the cusp of domestic solar energy developments for some years, and our team of Domestic Electricians are up to date with all industry, product, and legislative developments across the sector. With solar energy accounting for some 4% of the country’s electrical generation, and with solar now being the third most generated renewable energy, now is the time to consider whether it’s finally right to go “net zero”, to take control of your household's power and finances, and to assert independence in increasingly uncertain times.

As well as enabling households across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and the wider East Midlands area, Definitive Electrical Solutions can also extend your drive towards “Net Zero” by enabling you to charge your own electric vehicle with your own generated and stored solar energy. Definitive Electrical has also been at the forefront of EV charging for some years now, and we can provide you with the most suitable EV charger for your property, your electric vehicle and your energy demands. We’ve worked with all EV charge brands and types. Our engineers are committed to respecting your property, they’ll communicate the exact requirements, stages and status of all jobs undertaken, and will be just as transparent with costs.

Definitive Electrical Solutions comprises an ever-expanding team of Domestic Electricians located close to all properties across the East Midlands. Definitive Electrical is an NICEIC-approved contractor, is part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), is Part P Electrical Safety-registered, and is TrustMark-registered.

If you’re ready to find out more about how Definitive Electrical can help you to make the shift to solar energy, click here to speak to a member of the team now!