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According to the oxford dictionary the definition of an electrician is “a person whose job is to connect, repair, etc. electrical equipment”

Sounds pretty straightforward right?

Some would be fooled into thinking that it's an easy job, and that anybody can turn their hand to some electrical maintenance and whilst some minor electrical repairs are not illegal, they are not recommended either.  

How many people will come to do the job?

How many electricians in nottingham derby

The short answer to this is – it will depend on what is needed to get the job done most efficiently for the customer.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and I will listen to your needs and recommend what I feel is the best approach based on my experience. Most of our clients have come from word of mouth recommendations and it is extremely important to us that our customers’ needs are met.

Confused about buying light bulbs for your home in Nottingham?

LED Lamp

Walk into any retail outlet that sells light bulbs and it quickly becomes a confusing array of boxes of different sized light bulbs all promising amazing energy efficiency. Gone are the days of picking up a standard 'one size fits all' incandescent light bulb – now you have to hold what seems like a Ph.D. in light bulb mastery to make perfect sense of it all.


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We treat you with respect, understanding and explain everything every step of the way

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You can rely on us to turn up when we say we are going to!

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You can be assured to trust us in your home or office for your piece of mind.


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