Confused about buying light bulbs for your home in Nottingham?

Walk into any retail outlet that sells light bulbs and it quickly becomes a confusing array of boxes of different sized light bulbs all promising amazing energy efficiency. Gone are the days of picking up a standard 'one size fits all' incandescent light bulb – now you have to hold what seems like a Ph.D. in light bulb mastery to make perfect sense of it all.


Keep the Sparks from your door this Halloween

The traditional October half term break is now under way for most parents up and down the country. This time of year is dull and rain is almost definitely likely to feature in the week off. So if your child is done with the Autumn scavenger hunts and the rain is pelting down outside, then they are likely to be indoors making use of electrical items.


Top Safety Tips for Students in Nottingham

With another academic year starting, students are busy getting to know one another, finding their way round a new city and generally just enjoying life.


With the excitement of moving into a new house or even halls of residence, it is easy to overlook essential safety features within your living quarters – things like electricity, gas and water for example. (Would you know what to do if your lights went out?)