New Home? Give Your Property’s Wiring Some Thought

New Home? Give Your Property’s Wiring Some Thought

If you’re acquiring a new house, or you’re looking to make use of an outbuilding, loft space, or similar, it’s a fantastic idea to ask “do I need my property rewired?” before any other planning is undertaken. As technology advances, it brings forth the need to power new appliances, and as older wiring ages, it creates its own set of hazards. So confirming whether you need new wiring or not before any decorative work begins will save you considerable time, stress, and money!

In our opinion, the condition of the wiring in any home should be at the top of the list when buying or moving into somewhere new. We all like to put our stamp on a new home by changing decoration, flooring, the kitchen or the bathroom perhaps. What is often not considered, though, is the wiring behind it all. Electrical wiring is a fundamental part of the property, and all other aspects either rely on the wiring or would be affected by any required upgrades to the electrical system.

Suppose you’re buying an older property. Especially if it still features the original wiring, it's probable that it may not meet current safety standards. It might be unable to bear modern load demands, and it may even be eroded and faulty. Even if the property in question isn’t extremely “aged”, say twenty or thirty years old, having it checked out now will give you an understanding of whether it can manage your current and forthcoming appliances effectively, safely, and without tripping.

Besides the inconvenience that delaying having your home wiring checked may cause, moving into and using a property with substandard wiring can result in fires and electric shocks. Older cabling may have deteriorated. As mentioned, it may be incapable of safely and effectively handling a modern electrical load, and finding out early is of key importance. Definitive Electrical Solutions is a trusted domestic electrical company providing peace of mind to property owners across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Staffordshire. Our qualified, customer-first team can firstly check the condition of your wiring. Following a visual inspection, insulation-resistance testing can also be carried out, and you’ll receive a full wiring condition report for your property: a really wise course of action before any major planning and decoration work is undertaken, and any real usage of the property begins.

Should your current wiring be substandard and a rewire seems the sensible decision, our team will quote you fairly and transparently before any work is undertaken, and they’ll communicate clearly with you throughout any job, right through to completion. You’ll always know where you stand with the quality, progress, and costs of any work provided by Definitive Electrical Solutions.

Definitive Electrical team members are located throughout the East Midlands region and can visit your property, evaluate your wiring, and provide you with a report in no time. All you need to do is click here to get in touch!