EV Chargers - Risks With Cheaper Electric Car Charger Installations

EV Chargers - Risks With Cheaper Electric Car Charger Installations

When you’ve made the significant investment in an electric vehicle, your next financial outlay might well be for your own EV charge point.

There are a number of EV chargers on the market, from entry-level chargers, through to pricier chargers that might incorporate a choice of designs and colours, as well as added SMART features and safety systems.  The higher powered 22kW chargers will provide the fastest charge times if you don’t have time to leave the vehicle plugged in, or have more than one EV vehicle and charge point, but they require the installation of three-phase charge points.  Then, we need to consider if a three-phase electrical supply is available, which are not normally installed to homes.

Less expensive EV chargers might seem to be more affordable, initially.  However, you may also have to factor in additional material and labour costs of Earth electrodes (earth rods), or a compliant alternative, like the matt:e O-PEN device, to protect users from electric shock in the event of an open PEN (Protective Earth and Neutral) conductor fault. 

Electrical supply networks often use a single conductor for the neutral and earthing functions; something known as PEN.  Problems arise when there is an ‘open PEN’ conductor on the network.  This can lead to an electric shock if the user is simultaneously in contact with metallic parts (like pipework, and bonded appliances, and indeed, your vehicle) whilst in contact with the ground in any way.

So to avoid risk, consider a charge point installed in conjunction with the superb and patent-pending matt:e O-PEN device.  The unit provides protection against the dangers of an open PEN conductor on both single and three-phase power supplies.  Alternatively, you could opt for the stylish Anderson A2 EV charger.  Although initially more expensive, the Anderson A2 is a complete unit with its own O-PEN monitoring built-in, bypassing the need to install earth rods or a separate O-PEN device.  So a little more investment in the EV charge unit may well protect you and your valuable electric vehicle for less money overall.

To learn more about EV charger installations, as well as ensuring that your installation is as safe as it is efficient, speak to an EV Charger expert now!