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Wallbox are a team of designers, engineers, computer scientists and programmers who design, manufacture and distribute innovative intelligent charging solutions for plug-in electric and hybrid cars.


Wallbox work by following the latest trends and needs with the intention of always meeting their customers' expectations.


Wallbox take care of the finest of details for each product and service to achieve maximum satisfaction for their customers.


Wallbox are a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary company that works daily to make a sustainable future possible.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Electric cars are growing in popularity.  They are already enabling zero emission motoring for a growing number of drivers in the UK.
Month on month, the statistics for new EV cars registered in the UK increases. It’s at around 5% at the moment, which is as almost 1 in 20.  In less than a year this is expected to be as much as 1 in 10.  The best electric cars are fun to drive, extremely quiet, have no harmful emissions and are cheap to run.